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Burwood Medica Honey Liqueur
Canada > Alberta > Spirits > liquer > Burwood Distillery
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Made from 100% Raw Honey from Alberta, Burwood's Honey Eau de Vie is distilled and then sweetened with more Alberta 100% Raw Honey before being bottled at 28% ABV.

Burwood Distillery is located right within Calgary, Alberta. It began distilling in mid 2017.

From the Producer

"Proofed to 28.0% ABV & sweetened with Raw Alberta Honey for a mild sweetness. This process brings about a light golden color and an incredible depth of aromas and flavor. This liqueur lends itself quite well to sipping on it’s own (think digestif, port, sherry, etc…) and mixing with other drinks (similar to sweet vermouth in a martini, boulevardier, or negroni)."

750 ml