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Delivery Policy

DELIVERY — Our Store To Your Door


We do not deliver out of the Calgary City limits.

We Do not ship out of the Province

KWM is pleased to assist in getting your orders and gifts delivered. Delivery can be tricky business, so please read these guidelines carefully to ensure a trouble-free experience.

** Please Note: Orders placed on line after 4pm on Friday, may not be processed until Monday morning.

  • Recipient must be 18 years of age or older. We ID anyone under 25. It's the law.
  • Recipient cannot be under the influence of alcohol.
  • We cannot, by law, leave your delivery on your door step, behind your Barbeque or in between your doors. It is alcohol and all the rules and age limits of purchasing or receiving alcohol applies.Ssomeone over 18 years old must be present to accept the delivery, We will ID anyone who does not appear to be at least 25.

Corporate Account Delivery

  • Free delivery if you are an active KWM corporate client and you are delivering to yourself in the downtown core, otherwise delivery charges will apply.  
  • Corporate delivery service is available Monday through Friday from 10:00am - 4:00pm (MST).
  • 24 hours advance notice of your delivery requirements is preferred.

Delivery Within Calgary City Limits

  • Read this, it's important: You are asking us to deliver alcohol. That means we must ensure that someone over the age of 18, who is not inebriated, will accept the delivery. We cannot leave alcohol deliveries on a doorstep if no one is home! If you give us a residential address, we must talk to the recipient to schedule the delivery. We are as discreet as possible to ensure gifting surprises, but we must call in advance. So, we urge you to give us a weekday business address and telephone number for your recipient. That way, we meet our legal obligation and you are assured that your shipment arrives on time and is a surprise if it's a gift!


Free delivery on minium $100 orders applies only if we can deliver your complete order in one delivery. Any subsequent deliveries required on a single order the $10 fee will apply to each.

If you have special orders or have purchased multiple tasting registrations  - logistically we may not  have all samples poured  and ready for delivery in time for the first tasting.    As you do have the option of picking up your samples, we will deliver as much as we can in the first delivery for free, any subsequent deliveries will be $10. 

  • Kensington Wine Market will attempt one delivery. If undeliverable, you will be charged again. 
  • Delivery service is available Monday through Friday from 10:00am - 4:00pm (MST). 
  • 24 hours advance notice of your delivery needs is preferred.
  • We reserve the unconditional right to refuse delivery.