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 Package pricing:

  1. $ 35 per person for Introductory Level (Per bottle retail value $18 - $24)
  2. $ 50 per person (Per bottle retail value $25 - $50)
  3. $ 75 per person (Per bottle retail value $50 - $75)       
  • 6 wines will be provided
  • Light snacks are provided. Due to health regulations you may not bring your own food
  • All private in store tastings are 1 ½ hours plus ½ hour at the end of session for wrap up
  • Stand up format 26 persons maximum
  • Sit down format 18 persons maximum
  • Payment is required at the time of booking
  • Minimum charge is 20 persons for stand up and 18 persons for sit down
  • All wine tastings will be tailored to the occasion
  • Booking space is based on the availability of the tasting room
  • We cannot provide private tasting during the following: December, July, August  



Per person package prices start at:    

  1. $35 for an Introductory tasting (<$60 products)
  2. $50 for a Standard rum/whisky tasting (products between $75 & $150)
  3. $75 for a Rare Malts tasting (products are rare and/or 20+ years of age)
  4. $99 for a Master Malt tasting (products are 25+ years of age, average $250)
  • Light catering will be provided. Due to health regulations, customers may not bring their own food
  • Tastings are 1 ½ hours with 30 minute post tasting for socializing
  • Sit down format 20 persons
  • Charge for a private tasting is based on 20 persons, regardless of the actual number.



Private Tasting Booking Inquiry Form

Once you submit this questionnaire, one of our staff will phone you to confirm your booking.

All private bookings are subject to store and staffing availability.