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Amrut KWM Jaggery Rum Cask 317 60%
India > World > Scotch and Other Whiskies > Single Malt > Amrut



Amrut Cask #317 was originally filled on October of 2009. The cask is an ex-Rum (called 'jaggery' rum). Bottled at more than 8 and a half years of age in July of 2018 at 60% ABV. 180 bottles in total, with less than 40 bottles remaining. This Amrut is unpeated.

Andrew's Tasting Note

Nose: sticky, stewed prunes, damp dunnage warehouse tones and walking in an orange grove; thick with burnt molasses, ginger snaps and Panda brand licorice; Jujubes, Winegums and Fruit & Nut chocolate.

Palate: sweet, thick and coating; a silky, decadent and layered beast; a massive surge of honey, caramel and chocolate; full of bright sweet orange and citrus tones; Jellybellies, Winegums, Jujubes and Starburst fruit candies all shoved into your mouth at once; firm oak and earthy dunnage/orchard notes; more ginger and licorice too; thick and layered.

Finish: long, elegant and sultry; it fades into sweet citrus and floral notes, but never really disappearing at all. 

Comment: this is as gentle and giant, and as tame a beast as you could possibly expect; it is bold and sweet, but also very layered, elegant and complex; unmistakeably Amrut, and dangerously drinkable at 60%!  

Evan's Tasting Note

Nose: Big rum hints abound in this single malt. Licorice, orange oil and leather notes along with polished wood, ripe citrus, peaches and mangos, cinnamon, nutmeg, and other savoury spices, rich tobacco, vanilla. Heavily steeped rooibos tea.

Palate: Big, rich, and unctuous on the tongue spice and sweet battle it out. And I mean rich - to the point of both feeling and tasting like a sweet and savoury reduction. Kind of like you mixed marmalade in with your chutney - or vice versa if that is your thing. Lots of both fresh and dried fruit notes, earl grey tea, wood spices and savoury notes with a sweet tang holding its own through it all.

Finish: The spice and sweetness linger for quite a while on this warming dram. It is big and rich and unmistakably Amrut in profile. I can't think of another distillery that creates this combination of spice and tang in the same way.

Comments: Ex-Rum cask Amrut at 8+ years old is amazing. This may be vastly different in style compared to our Virgin Oak cask Amrut from a few years ago, but it is just as rich, big and bold. That High strength Amrut battle between sweet and spice is always a thing to behold!

700 ml

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