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Compass Box Phenomenology
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The firm is keeping pretty tight-lipped on this one until December. This limited edition blended malt has been bottled at 46%, and judging by the profile, it isn't young... our owner Andrew had a chance to sample it in September in London!

Andrew's Tasting Note

Nose: big white fruits, honey, freshly picked cherries and banana chips; a touch woody with a musty edge; floral and malty; hints of smoke, some soft coffee tones, raisin danishes and dried apricots .

Palate: big, round, coating and juicy; more white fruits, creamed honey and toasted oak, and then the smoke sneaks up on you; the smoke is elegant and delicate and leads to a soft but firm peat.

Finish: big, chewy and coating; dries out late with smooth smoke.

Comment: the smoke creeps up on you; this is lovely; very drinkable.

Producer Description

"Phenomenolog y is a way of thinking about ourselves and the very personal, subjective nature of experience. It’s a school of thought in psychology that focuses on phenomena, or, the experiences that we get from our senses – what we see, taste, smell, etc. Somehow we saw a link between phenomenology and whisky."

"We’d long been working on a blend of single malts that combines seemingly dissonant flavour profiles, but together creates something compelling. We landed on a recipe that elicited a surprising range of reactions and descriptions, each person taking away something different from the whisky.
Rather than try to settle on whose perceptions were ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, we were inspired by the phenomenological school of thought to consider how
different people experience the same phenomenon. In celebration of the subjectivity of whisky tasting, we released this whisky in September 2017
without any tasting notes or flavour descriptors to invite people to first experience the whisky without preconception. As you explore this whisky
for yourself, we invite you to describe the ‘phenomena’ in your own words and ideas. Your experience is your own, personal and subjective. And, so, you have…Phenomenolog y, a limited edition Compass Box whisky.

"Above all, share & enjoy.

"John Glaser, Whiskymaker"

The Blend

  1. 24.5% Tamdhu 2001 – 15 year - 1st fill Bourbon barrel
  2. 72.0% Glenlossie 1996 - 21 year - Rechar Hogshead
  3. 2.0% Highland Park 1997 – 20 - Rechar Hogshead
  4. 1.0% Talisker 1996 – 21 year - Refill Butt
  5. 0.5% Caol Ila 2006 - 11 year - Hogshead

700 ml

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