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Chateau Montifaud 1992 KWM 30th Annv

Chateau Montifaud 1992 KWM 30th Annv


This single cask Cognac from Chateau Montifaud was distilled in 1992 and bottled after 29 years at 49%. The vintage is significant, because 1992 is the year Kensington Wine Market opened its doors. This is the first of many 30th Anniversary bottlings we are expecting over the next year, to mark our milestone. Some of you may remember our 25th Anniversary 1992 vintage Chateau Montifaud Cognac, the 30th Anniversary bottling if 5 years older, and only $5 more expensive...  

700 ml
Region:France > Cognac
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Andrew's Tasting Note

Nose: wine and cheese pairing anyone? notes of ripe grapes, soft French cheeses and quince paste; brown sugar, cinnamon sticks and licorice root; Jujubes dipped in milk chocolate, Crunchie bar and Malted Milk; apricot jam, kiwis and orange peel; some musty oak, herbal tea, and a delightful fruity funk.

Palate: soft, toasty and decadent with building spices; the creamy oak hits first, with some musty-earthy tones; next up is the surge of brown sugar, quince paste and sponge toffee; it in turn is followed by a wave of milk chocolate smothering Jujubes and all other kinds of decadent fillings; fruits range from baked apple and poached pear to the aforementioned kiwi and orange peel (candied); the spices packed a wallop, at least on the first sip, but settle down thereafter with more ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and anise; the cheese is still there, maybe a bit of Comte and Chateau Bourgogne.

Finish: it rather politely settles down into fading fruits, sugars, spices and toasted oak, with a faintly herbal cheesy funk.

Comment: would that I still had a bottle of our 25th Anniversary Chateau Montifaud Cognac to compare this with; it is lovely, elegant and complex… did you expect anything less? This is a Scotch drinkers Cognac, and on a price to age basis… excellent value!

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