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Introducing KWM's Going Natural Wine Club

Posted on September 13, 2021

by Abigail

Introducing KWM's Going Natural Wine Club

It’s time to join the low-intervention Convention!

This idea stemmed from a slow Sunday afternoon in 2017 where a couple of staff members decided to further explore the world of Organic, Biodynamic and Natural wines. These two started purchasing and trying bottles each Sunday, embarking on a journey that will open their eyes further to the weird and wonderful world of wines. It initially started as a way for the newest KWM employee and one of the non-wine team members to try more wines without limitation, but it soon became something more. It became a way to try these new, exciting and sometimes challenging wines without preconceived notions, opening the minds and palates to those around us. Now it is time for us to extend our hand and welcome you to the Low-Intervention Convention with our Going Natural Wine Club!

What is low-intervention?

Low-intervention is a style of winemaking that involves very little additions/subtractions from the wine, while also following biodynamic, permaculture or minimal intervention agricultural practices in the vineyard. These winemakers are focusing on the health of the vineyard’s ecosystem while producing delicious wines! Biodynamic, natural, minimal intervention and raw wines are all part of this category!

Why should we be excited about Low-Intervention wines?

In this day and age, a lot of people are realizing the realities of the world. We see unnecessary chemicals added to products, no transparency with certain productions, agriculture that is depleting ecosystems, and massive corporations that are just profiting on all of this garbage.

These Low-Intervention wines are created in a way where you know what you’re drinking, there is transparency between you and the winemaker, there are environmentally healthy practices behind each label, and each winemaker is focusing on bringing you the best wines without having to add colour, flavouring or anything else to the wines.

What can I expect from Kensington Wine Market's Going Natural Wine Club?

To enjoy delicious wines! That's basically it. We could go on to say that supporting these types of wine producers will help the environment in small ways, or that drinking fewer chemical flavouring agents will probably be better for your health but it is not just about that. It’s about drinking what you love and trying new things! Each month, we will select two wines that we are excited about. One will be white and one will be red. We may throw a sparkling wine or some rose in, who knows! We will have them listed in their tiers and will provide tasting notes. We will also be curating blog posts each month to keep you informed of the ongoing conversations in the low-intervention wine world. It will be at a cost of $60-75 per month, with the wines discounted to fit the price. Given the nature of the wine club, cannot fulfill any customizations or switch-outs.

Our Three Tier Classification
Now, we’ve all heard that Low-Intervention or Natural Wine has to taste extremely funky and sour to be part of the category. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, there are the weird and wonderful wines, but there are a lot of Low-Intervention wines that are created to be those easy-drinking, patio-crushing sips.

A lot of Low-Intervention wines available are more accessible than you may think!

Starting with the goal of creating the best experience for all of us wine lovers, we have created a three-tier classification for the wines included in our Going Natural Wine Club. This way, you have an idea of what to expect and when might be best to drink these wines.

First Tier - In-Law Friendly (GREEN CIRCLE)
This one is pretty self-explanatory. These wines are those that show the typical wine characteristics. You could fool those ‘I hate natural wine’ people into drinking this stuff because it's a delicious wine that just so happens to be Low-Intervention! You could easily take this over to your in-laws without them calling you a wine snob for bringing something ‘too thought provoking’.

Second Tier - Goldilocks’ Natty Sips (BLUE SQUARE)
As Goldilocks would say: these are the wines that fit ‘just right’ between tier 1 and 3. They’re the group that is going to eschew a bit of easy-drinking style in favour of more complexity. They make you think a little, yet you can still chill out and sip these while watching Great British Bake Off. They may show a touch of haze, or a kiss of funk, or a breath of zesty tang, or they are just unique expressions of a familiar grape. Yet they remain comforting and easy to delve into. Let’s say they’re an introduction to the funky side of the wine world, while still holding onto classic characteristics that turned many of us onto wine in the first place. A perfect in-between.

Third Tier - Volatile Acid Trip (BLACK DIAMOND)
These wines are in it to win it and thumb their noses at what we think of as traditional wine conventions along the way. These are the bottles that will make you go ‘Woah’ and they will send you on a funk-tastic voyage unlike any other. Think of these as seriously low-intervention wines that have taken the road less travelled on the way to your glass. Natural yeast? Probably. Full of farm-y funk and his buddy volatile acidity? Almost certainly. Unforgettable in style? Absolutely. These are wines that demand your attention. Even if there’s a little more effort needed (like pairing or decanting) this category will change the way you see wine as a whole, and will potentially make you question what wine is supposed to be. Seriously cool juice!

We will be releasing the first Going Natural on June 15th and sign-up starts on May 1st. We have limited spots, so sign up before they’re gone! Plus, we are hosting a Cheese Please, Going Natural tasting on May 28th to welcome the Going Natural wine club!

Questions? Comments? Get in touch with me!

Pip pip, cheerio,
[email protected]

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